Sunday, February 5, 2012

Favorite Things

So I felt like sharing a few of my latest favorite things

1-Aquage Uplifting Foam- This stuff is amazing. I don't often like volumizing products because I never feel like they really do all that much. Not this stuff! What is also nice about it is it seems to absorb some of the oil from my scalp making it possible for me to go every other day washing my hair. That was never possible before.

Here's a tutorial on how to apply

2- PB2- This is powdered peanuta that you add water to to get peanut butter. It has 85 % less calories then normal peanut butter and taste really good. I've been making banana -peanut butter- spinach smoothies for breakfast and this helps cut calories but not flavor. just dump the powder in add all the other ingredients and blend

3-Pandora's Toddler Radio station- Matea loves it and I don't hate it. It plays the typical baby songs but every now and then throws in some songs that I enjoy( i just had to thumbs down the chipmunk songs though  because they drive me crazy). Another one is the lullaby radio station. We turn it on as we get her ready for bed.

4-Skinny Taste food blog- Great recipes that are low calorie and tasty.  By having a green smoothie for breakfast and her meals for dinner, plus 30-45 min of elliptical and I've been loosing a pound a week!

5- Sherlock- A tv show on BBC that is a modern spin on Sherlock Holmes. We just finished season 2 and can't wait for season 3

6- Urban Decay Naked Pallet- Great colors that last all day. It's my go to eye shadow compact. THey came out with a Naked 2 pallet but I haven't tried that yet

I'm sure there's more I'll think of after I post this but these are a few of my favorite things that make life fun


Karen said...

can't wait to try the PB2--it's in the mail arriving any day! thanks for the tip--
love your favorite things!

Nicole said...

I want to try the peanut butter! Do you find it in any grocery store?

Spillers Family said...

I think I have to try all these! They all sound like cool things! We love pandora's lullaby station too!