Monday, January 30, 2012


I felt like I needed to do an update on Matea. My itty bitty girl is doing good. Over christmas she took her first steps but since being home has refused to walk, instead she does this knee walking thing that is very funny to watch. She can show you where her nose is and how big she as. She still loves animals and playing in the water. She can say mama, dada, and is starting to figure out up and meow. We just started taking her to gymboree and she thinks it's pretty cool.

At 14 months Matea weighed a whooping 16 lbs landing her in the 1-3% range for weight. Shes my little string bean. She still doesn't like to eat so it's a struggle each day. She'll probalby have to be on a bottle for a while longer which is kind of annoying because she refuses to hold it. We've switched her from formula to pediasure and she gets about six 3-4 oz bottles a day (she still doesn't sleep through the night). Besides the feeding and wieght issues Matea has caught up to her actual age which is fantastic. Her fine motor skills are pretty amazing, if I may say so. We love this munchkin!

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Karen said...

I love this itty bitty girl! She is amazing! Such a big personality in a little body-- watch out world !

Spillers Family said...

Oh Morgan! She is so big! Love her crinkly nose in that last photo!

Brandon & Kelli Miller said...

I am loving the green smoothies too! Love the last photo, so much personality! What a cute family :)