Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Snowfall of the Season

Matea had her first experience with snow this weekend. Her Aunt Katy had just sent her a snowsuit so it was perfect timing. She didn't know what to think of not having any hands.

where'd my hands go?

We went out first thing in the morning, hence no makeup and bedhead. Matea looks cute though

Making her first snowangel

Look what I made!

A winter wonderland-that only lasted till noon

Daddy's little girl

The below picture is right before she face planted and learned that snow is cold. It's hard crawling in a snowsuit.

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Karen said...

"Look mom, no hands!!"
She is so cute!
Thanks for the Sunday cheer!

*Katie* said...

She is so cute!

Nicole said...

You are such a cute little Mommy!