Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Week 2011

This post is very overdue. All our birthdays fall within 6 days of each other and my parents said they'd take us on a trip when Jacob graduated. We decided to combine there offer with our birthday week. Matea probably had the best first birthday of any baby.

It was a great trip. Matea did awesome flying. She loved eating sand and playing in the water. She was a little hesitant with the wave but once you got her in the ocean she was happy as could be. Since my parents came with us we had babysitters and could still do fun activities. We got to scuba dive 3 times, jet ski,paddle board and go to a funny magic show.

The only bad thing was about 5 hours before we left our rental car got broken into and my diaper bag with my wallet was stolen. Luckily nothing else was taken and the police gave me a report to prove my identity to fly home.

Thanks mom and dad for the great vacation!


Karen said...

What... None of 235 + photos I took were blog- worthy?
Guess I'll have to post myself!! Haha

We had a great time too-- thanks for spending your birthdays with us!!

Karen said...

Ok, my bad-- apparently my iPad doesn't show your amazing slideshow of our trip--
I apologize for my rush to judgement--
And wish to change my comment to " I Loved our trip with you" and leave it at that!