Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Now

Now that Jacob is done with school he gets to start the real world. Well kind of. Jacob is doing a one year AEGD dental residency with UNM hospital. He will get to rotate through different dental clinics and gain more experiance and become more time efficient before starting in a real dental office. There are ten other dentist in the program, 3 are guys, 7 girls so no fun dental wives group in New Mexico.

Before they started thier program they held a little dinner for those finishing the residency and those entering. It was fun for me to see who Jacob will be working with for the next year.

After a week of orientation Jacob had his first real day seeing patients as a certified dentist today. We had to go buy him scrubs since UOP was business dress. I made him get a pair of Greys Anatomy scrubs because they felt the nicest. Now I can call him Mcdreamy/steamy lol

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Spillers Family said...

*sigh* no more dental wives club