Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our home

I was going to wait and do this post once the house was completly unpacked but decided that might be awhile. So here we go with our house tour. What you see when you walk in

To the right the living room

To the left the wall

Walk back to the dining area and kitchen. Through the kitchen to the...

Panty and laundry room

Off the dinning room is the guest bathroom

Then the office/guest room which is definately needing some time spent on it

The hallway with two closets

Matea's room. We just ordered her a crib and then we will decorate and make it all cute

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master closet

last but not least our backyard. Yep and empty pool. To bad it doesn't work, with the heat right now it would be amazing.

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Sarah Larsen said...

what are you going to do with all that space?? ahhh that is amazing! I am soo jealous. You have got to find a way to fix up the pool too. Is it possible?? Miss you!! xoxo

Karen said...

You have done a GREAT job!! House looks like a home!
Can't wait to come and visit!

Spillers Family said...

Cute! You guys have space upon space! How do I get you here to decorate ours? :-)

John and Juli said...

You are doing way better then I am. I have not hung one thing on the wall yet. Your house looks great. Hope you guys are doing great.

ConnieGirl said...

It looks beautiful!! Did you guys buy or are you renting? And I LOVE your bookcase in the living room -- where did you get it?

Brandon & Kelli Miller said...

You have such a cute home!! Did you do all the decorating yourself? You are so talented Morgan :D

Lindsay said...

i want a housssssseeee (drooling). jealousy setting in.... i gotta go get a drink of water. ps. great job decorating :)