Sunday, January 9, 2011

She's Home!!!

After 60 days in the Nicu, Matea came home January 3rd and we couldn't have been more excited. Before she came home she had to complete certain test. She had to go 7 days without having any apneas or bradycardy spells. She past this off at the end of November. She had to then pass the car seat test. This means sitting in her carseat for an hour without any of her vitals dropping. She passed with flying colors.
She looks so small in there

The last test was eating 85% of her feeds through a bottle. FAIL! The doctors still don't really know why she won't eat her whole feed from a bottle. The thought is that my due date could have been guessed wrong and instead of being born at 31weeks she was really born at 29 weeks. After much discussion it was decided that Mate could come home on a NG tube. This is a tube that goes in her nose to her stomach. A pump is then used to deliver whatever she doesn't take from a bottle to her tummy. We had to get trained on how to insert the tube and use the pump. It's pretty easy to put the tube in but it breaks my heart a little because she screams during it. Once all that was taken care of we got to spend the night at the hospital with her in our room like a trial run.
This is the room we got. It was crazy not having her hooked to any monitors. We were to feed her every three hours but I think I was awake most of the night being paranoid and checking on her the whole time. That morning she was discharged!
This is her going home outfit. A little big but ohh so cute!
Heading out of the NICU
Her first time being out in the real world!
We love having our little girl home with us and being able to snuggle whenever we want. The lack of sleep is totally worth it.
Resting in her boppy while mom gets her bottle
Thank you everyone for your love and prayers during this crazy time.


Sarah Larsen said...

aww!! I just love her!! And especially her going home outfit!!

Nicole said...

How exciting!!! I'm so happy for you guys being able to take her home!!! Congrats

Karen said...

I can't wait to see you wednesday--
Matea looks amazing....
her outfits are so cute!

Lindsay said...

she's so little and sweet! i love that picture of her in the boppy from far away.. it just puts her size in perspective. love her.