Sunday, January 10, 2010

Licensed Cosmetologist

On January 5th I took my state board exam to become a licensed cosmetologist. I wanted to share my experiance. First off it was probably the most stressul thing i've been through. The place is located in Fairfield, CA so the evening before my mother and I drove up there and stayed at a hotel. I had been studying for a while and was so stressed yet just wanted to get the thing over with. My day started at 5 am. I didn't get much sleep (like 4 hours) even though i went to bed at 9 because thought like sodium hydroxide relaxer and pin curl formation wouldn't leave my mind. At 5:45 we drove to the location and I recieved my rental kit which is a big suitcase of supplies. We then filled in some paper work and got assigned a room and station. This is where the fun begins. On a side note models are not allowed to talk, listen to music, or read. This makes the room very quite

My procedures were
-set up
-predisposition test
-manicure and build a nail- this means my mom got a manicure on one hand a fake nail on one finger of the other hand
-Wet set- for this you finger wave the enitre head and then put in rollers, pincurls, and volume pincurls while keeping the finger waves intact. I totally rocked this part.

In case you dodn't know what finger waves are here is a picture from when I practiced them.
- Hair cut
-Tint back to natural- this is where we apply shaving cream to the hair and pretend it is hair color

We then got a 20 min break

-Sodium Hydroxide relaxer- again we used shaving cream to represent relaxer product
-perm- we used color water as the perm solution
- eyebrow waxing
- thermal press- this with a comb and curling iron that go in a mini oven and is then used to straighten and curl hair.

In the morning I finished a few minutes early but my fake nail was a joke. In the afternoon I finished just in time. It's pretty crazy because the whole time a proctor is watching you and writing down notes. They mostly watch if you are keeping your client safe and being clean. One time when i was rinsing out my mom's hair I spilt water all over the floor. Panic almost took over but i remained calm and cleaned everything up.

After the practical I had a break and then took the written section. This was 110 questions and they throw out 10 random ones. After completling the test you head to a room and wait for your name to be called. Luckily i passed and will never have to go through this again!

Thank you mom for letting me cut your hair short and put shaving cream in it.
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Mike and Danielle Malaska said...

Man that does sound stressful. Congrats on passing cousin!! You did a great job on your moms hair. Have a great day and good luck finding a job now that your all certified and what not. :P

Karen said...

glad to do it daughter of mine!!
It was REALLY stressful even for me--
I didn't talk and tried not to make eye contact with anyone else!!
I am so proud of you!!
And your finger waves totally rocked that day!!

natalie said...


you will be such a lovely career woman. i just wish we lived closer so you could do my hair...

John and Juli said...

good job on the finger waves morgan! I had 2 room mates that went to hair school and i remember how much they would practice doing those. They tried to teach me but they were way too hard!