Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chirstmas and New Year

After New Mexico we flew to Washington to be with my family. Everyone was there so it was great to catch up. I'll Let the pictures do most of the talking

We walked around the frozen pond behind my parent's house

Read the Christmas story while dressed up
Jacob and I were the camel. He was the hump.

Got Pajama's from the elves on Christmas eve.
Woke up early and opened all our gifts.
Played a ton of games. I actually won one of them.
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Visited the Grandparents. Funny story I have to share. For Christmas my brothers and Jacob got little remote controlled helicopters. They're pretty hard to steer so I told Jacob to be careful and not hit my grandma with it. A minute later and the helicopter is crashing into my grandma's head. She was fine and we all had a good laugh at Jacob

Played in the Snow. WE pulled a tube behind the 4-wheeler

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For New Years I came up with a new tradition. We all dug through the costume box and took old time photos. At first there were some sighs and eye roll but everyone got into it by the end.
Jacob and I
The Women folk
The Men. Jacob is so creepy or maybe he really doesn't like his in-laws :)
*mom- jacob wants you to know this is just a joke

the whole group
My brother really getting into it (sorry Steven, I had to do it)
Bringing in the the new year!

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