Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Merry Early Christmas!!!

That is what my adorable niece riley kept shouting during this thanksgiving break.

Last wednesday after Jacob finished up his class we flew home to my parents in Washington. IT was a much needed break. My whole family was there and I was surprised how much we packed into the long weekend. We had a wonderful thanksgiving feast folloed by all of us putting up Christmas decorations. SInce all of us kids are heading to our spouses' parents for Christmas my mom and dad decided we'd celebrate it early with them. After all the decorations were up we watched all family videos and had a good laugh at my mullet, steven and his friends willing jumping into a wall, and michael having a sweet bowling pose at such a young age.

Early christmas was fantastic and it really did seem like Christmas. WE had to keep reminding ourselves that no one else was celebrating it at this time.

Other things we did were take family pictures and watch movies. We saw Australia, which was good but not as good as I was hoping (Far and Away was much better if you ask me). I also saw Twilight. I say I because Jacob opted to stay home and do homework for this outing. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I thought I'd go crazy making fun of it and the terrible acting. While there were really corny parts i was impressed. Edward did a way better job then I expected him to. The person who played bella sucked in my opinion. I didn't like her acting, but then I again I thought they really should have picked Alexis Bledel (rory, from Gilmore Girls).

Overall Thanksgiving break was a success!

Rily preparing the turkey

some intense faces during rockband. Even Emma is focused

Decorating the tree in record time

The finished product Posted by Picasa

Riley's first Barbie curtesy of steven and meredith

The after math of early christmas

I love meredith in this one

Everyone kissingPosted by Picasa

A normal family photo

Me and my Brothers, Michael and Steven

No spouses
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I love my brothers

They wanted a redo since last time they tried this on me they broke my collarbone. Aren't I trusting?

What a stud Jacob is.

Reinactment of an engagement photo
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Karen said...

love your blog update-- we have been so exhausted since you've all left--but it was so worth it!!
What a cute couple you and Jacob are--even after almost two years!!!
We wish you all a
"Happy Merry Early Christmas"
and make sure we at least get a Christmas phone call!!

Annie said...

Cute pictures, I love the color choice for the shirts.

natalie said...

i love your family! it was so fab to see you all, i am sad i won't see you during christmas. and the family pictures are great.

Jill and Joel Gibb said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! Tell your mom i love her hair its too cute! I love your family pics with meredith looking like she really wanted to kiss steven :)!

Meredith said...

Haha, you named your blog post the same as we did. Or should I say Steven. Steven blogged for the first time in months, so you have to go and comment (cause he says no one ever comments on his.) I almost told Steven to put up some of the family pictures, but I figured that someone else would and you did! We miss you! I am so jealous that steven will see you in a few weeks.

Rick said...

What great pictures. I love family pictures. You and Jacob are such a cute couple too....that always helps!!!

Rick said...

sorry, i didn't know my dad was logged in. THis is Kari-Lynn, not some strange man :)

Morgan said...

lol I was wondering who rick was. At first I thought maybe it was one of Jacob's mission buddies but when he said no I was confused. Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I will be getting in late the night of the 19th. I will be calling you guys for sure! Talk to you soon. Say Hi to Jacob for me.