Friday, May 13, 2011


On Tuesday Jacob got inducted into the Tau Kappa Omega honor society. This means he is in the top 30% of his class. When they invite you into the honor society they pull a prank. Jacob got pulled into one of his teachers offices and was given a letter from a patient of his who was very upset with the service Jacob was giving him. After making him sweat for a few minutes they let him in on the joke.

It was a great induction ceremony at the War Memorial building. When they get inducted a fellow student who is already in the honor society shares a little bit about the inductee. Jacob's friend Eryn was the one to present Jacob into the group. Eryn and I teased him by saying I had told her an embarrassing story about Jacob and she was going to tell everyone. He was greatly relieved when this didn't happen.

Jacob is pretty amazing. He was ADEA chapter president his 2nd year , has been involved with ASB, has gone on two dental mission trips, set up an unofficial UOP soccer team (that won the championship one year) and participates in the Future Educators group. He does all this while still being in the top 30% and being a great dad/husbnad.

Jacob is a TKO, total knock-out (yeah i know i'm cheesy)


Karen said...

way to go Jacob--you're the man!!

Whitney said...

We just had the ADEA/IADR convention here at the SD Convention Cener! Congrats Jacob. Love the dress Morgan